Q: Is the engraving machine automatic processing?
A: Yes! Wood engraving machine belongs to CNC processing machine tools, can be cognizant of a variety of code instructions, the processing is automated, do not need a person to keep watch; if there are multiple machines, the plate is not very heavy, a person can normally look at more than 10 machines. But the degree of automation is more or less different, the domestic conventional wood engraving machine, does not contain automatic loading, automatic clamping these two functions.

Q: you this is a computer XX engraving machine?
A: Computer XX engraving machine belongs to the engraving machine, in the control of the choice of computer control, but also the mainstream of the market control method. In addition to computer control there are industrial control machine, small handle, each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you need to know the details can contact us.

Q: I do not know how to operate the machine, do you have training?
A: We have professional technical staff to train you for free. If you have not used the engraving machine need us to provide direct technical training, is no problem. Our direct technical training is normally included for end customers.

Q: I can’t make drawings, can you give us training?
A: There is no problem for you to make simple drawings after our training, we will train according to your actual situation. But if you want to learn in detail the production of relief drawings, etc., relief making software learning cycle is generally about 30 days, can really make good drawings, need more than 40 days, however, to participate in the training institutions training, you can get better, more systematic learning.

Q: We can’t do many things, will you give help?
A: First of all, we provide lifetime technical support, if you encounter any problems, we will provide solutions directly or if we can solve them. If it is outside our scope, we can only try to help you solve it.

Q: Hello stone carving with what tool, how to get good.
A: CNC engraving requires knives, we generally send about ten special knives with the machine. If the tools are used up, after which you order your own knives to reduce misunderstandings.

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