July 24, 2021, the third day of Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition, there were a lot of visitors to Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center today. A variety of models on the show came together, but also attracted customers from all walks of life at home and abroad to come and look around, and also received the unanimous praise from customers.

The exhibition is much more reliable than the development letter and network platform. We met a lot of guests at the exhibition, some of them are very professional customers, and we have prepared well in advance for the exhibition this time. For people doing foreign trade, the network system provides great convenience, whether for the time difference with foreign countries or the convenience and speed of information exchange, but these are not as good as face-to-face communication with customers. For the exhibition on our side also summed up some experience.

Preparation before exhibiting.
1、Company’s promotional materials, technical samples, exhibits, business cards and the list of customers who will come to their booth.
2, and for the old customers who will come to their booth can prepare some small gifts, in addition, can also prepare some additional small gifts for the intention of the larger customers. These gifts should be printed with your company name and LOGO, so that you can express your feelings and give your customers an impression of you.

Notes during the exhibition.
1、For the old customers: it is better to sit down and talk, ask him whether he is satisfied with the previous supply, whether there is still a need to improve, improve; then ask each other what the next purchase intentions; finally send some small gifts to show your feelings.

2, for new customers: to take the initiative to receive customers, should try to leave each other network contact information, preferably with MSN or SKYPE, so as to facilitate future contact, when chatting with customers try to understand the nature of the other party’s company (is a trading company or manufacturer), the main procurement products and basic requirements.

Every time we attend an exhibition we gain a lot and look forward to attending the next one.

Exhibition Features
Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition

Machine Features

01 MT2500 Mini Word Processing Center
02 MD2500S mini word engraving machine
03 CAM1330/1530 fiber laser cutting machine
04 H1-2500/2500cc automatic edge finding cutting machine
05 GX130CSW/GX13 Automatic Letter Bender
06 UT-300 Laser Welding Machine
07 Automatic Paint Spraying Machine

Shanghai International Advertising ExhibitionShanghai International Advertising Exhibition


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